5 Ways Mobile Solutions Can Elevate Facilities Management


By Amit Prasad on August 21, 2019

A facility manager is loaded with many daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory standards, maintaining assets and infrastructure, looking after leasing, operations, and other essential facilities management services.

With the increasing pressure and fewer resources, the facility manager is always under pressure to accomplish everything with perfection. At the same time, the facility manager has to keep a tab on employees, their productivity, and the facility management workflow.

When relying on manual paper forms and documents instead of a digital process, facilities management and communication becomes a tedious task. It not only wastes a lot of time and paper, but it also disrupts the efficiency of facility managers and their work. This is where mobile solutions evolve as savior for facility managers.

Here, we elaborate five ways in which mobile solutions can elevate facilities management.

  1. Accurate Daily Job Reports

    With custom made mobile solutions and software support, one can ensure an improvised accuracy of daily job reports and other metrics. Mobile solutions can empower facility managers to generate accurate reports in no time, and save their time spent on sorting and going through a paper-based workflow.

    This eradicates the chances of error and also helps other employees to focus on core business activities.

  2. Accurate Business Intelligence

    It is a well-known fact that any information collected through mobile solutions is accurate, and your business can rely upon it without giving it a second thought. It provides real-time insights into the business through which you can take on-the-spot business decisions.

    The data collected, analytical reports and insights can be easily searched, extracted, and analyzed when needed.

  3. On-time Maintenance

    Quick, easy, and effective communication will fasten up the complete facilities maintenance cycle, and the maintenance work will complete sooner than expected.

    Communicating on a digital platform provided by mobile solution will fasten the request and solution process, making it a straightforward process, where earlier paper slows the maintenance work and delays the response time.

  4. Ensure 100% Compliance

    Through mobile solutions, your business data is correctly captured, recorded, and managed, and further makes data sharing and accessibility an easier process.

    Mobile solutions bring distinct advantages to facility management service, which ensures compliance targets are met every time by everyone. This empowers the facility manager to maintain 100% compliance with all the set standards.

  5. Maximize Asset Lifespan

    Thanks to mobile solutions, your facility can emphasize on predictive maintenance works rather than a routine preventive maintenance plan.

    Moving to one such predictive models will allow you to expand the asset lifespan by solving the potential problems before the equipment fails, further maximizing asset uptime and its lifespan.

When looking for the right mobility solution for your organization, check ease of use, integration, implementation, and information accessibility.

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