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What to Look for in Contract Management Software – A Complete Guide


By Amit Prasad on May 15, 2019

Managing contracts is one of the critical and challenging tasks for businesses that use contracts. They know that contracts play a crucial role in their daily operations and help in deciding the scope and future of the business. However, most of the times, the responsibility of contract management lies with a single employee, which often turns out to be one of the biggest mistakes. A small mistake can cause your business to miss any important contractual deadline, agree to terms that conflict with your business goals or preexisting contracts, and even mistakenly breach a contract. This is why contract management is essential.

What Is Contract Management Software?

Your business needs to deal with hundreds and thousands of contracts which require an attentive approach. And as discussed above, any business enterprise can never afford even a slight mistake in the contract management process. For example, if any of the stakeholders involved in a contract would be left out while drafting the contract, it may later cause a conflict. This is where contract management software comes as a savior. Advanced contract management software features a number of tools which allow your business to store and organizes contracts, recall any important contractual deadlines, set reminders, and it also provides easy access to different contracts to identify key clauses of the contracts. In technical terms, contract management software is a bundled program or a series of related programs that store and manage all your contracts and other legal agreements in the most efficient way. It aims to streamline all your administrative tasks and reduce all your worries related to contract management.

Why Use Contract Management Software

Advanced contract management software can affect various aspects of your business workflow – from improved communication, workplace productivity to better spend management. If implemented right, contract management can help you with in-depth insights into contract data, collaboration abilities, cost and time savings, and a better decision-making ability which involves lowest risks, so that you can easily attain your business goals.

Key Benefits of Contract Management Software

  • Simplify the overall contract management process
  • Store all your confidential contracts on a secure cloud server which can be accessed only by authorized users
  • Stop missing contract negotiation opportunities
  • Identify revenue opportunities and manage to spend more effectively
  • Ensure that you never miss any important contractual deadline
  • Streamline the signing process with electronic signatures
  • It makes it easier for sales departments to balance multiple priorities
Your business can leverage these features for an effective and error-free contract management process.

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Contract Management Software

As a business owner, you must be aware of the fact that contracts are the foundation of every business relationship, whether internally with the employees or externally with clients and other parties. It defines all the responsibilities which your business needs to handle and is legally obligated to fulfill. It is important to select the best contract management solution for your business needs. Some of the essential factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the right contract management software:
  • Ease of use and rapid deployment
  • Integration with existing software solutions and IT infrastructure
  • Support for all types of contracts and legal agreements
  • Simplified and secured contract storage support
  • Effective contract organization
  • Contract management tools for easy and quick contract generation, signatures, and approval
  • Automated notifications and alerts for important contract dates, so that your business can send invoices, make payments, and send out other requests without any delay
  • Real-time alerts for important contractual deadlines
  • Efficient search tools within the software
  • Flexibility to grow with time and expanding business needs
There are a number of contract management software solutions available. However, it is important to look at the essential factors before getting the right contract management software for your business.

Why Use QuickFMS for Contract Management

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