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5 Ways How Data-Driven Facility Management Can Drive Success


By Amit Prasad on July 3, 2019

According to an IBM study, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. With so much data right at your fingertips, utilizing and analyzing this data is essential for making crucial business decisions. Data-driven facility management offers unmatched support to facility managers empowering them to easily identify the areas where the resources are being wasted, or space is being underutilized. If your company has yet to adopt a data-driven facility management approach, you must be unaware of the fact that right facility management software can tremendously benefit your decision-making process and other areas.

Here are 5 ways how data-driven facility management can drive success for your business:

  1. Eliminate Guesswork With advanced facility management software, you don’t have to rely on guesswork. Evidence-based data-insights and analytics help you optimize day-to-day operations. Whether you are framing a floor plan or allocating company assets, you won’t be making any decisions blindly as you’ll have better data visibility.
  3. Generate Insightful Reports Facilities management data analytics and reporting provide a number of benefits to your facility management process and help you better understand your facility operations. With advanced and quick tools, one can easily generate useful reports to keep track of day-to-day operations, company assets, real-time inventory/stock, which will further assist you to allocate assets and reduce company expenditure simultaneously.
  5. Ensure Safety, Compliance, and Accountability Integrated facility management software can help you manage your space and assets efficiently to keep your business running smoothly. From ensuring safety to complying with government regulations for workplace management and operation to basic safety, facility management software will help you everywhere. Data-driven facility management also helps you easily track the changes to facility management plans and who has approved what. It helps you track the accountability of all.
  7. Cloud-Based Collaboration Advanced facility management software stores all its data on a secured cloud-server, which can be accessed from any part of the world with valid credentials, based on admin/user roles and accessibility rights. This means that your employees sitting in different geographical locations, even in different time zones, can easily collaborate to view, edit, add, share, or exchange meaningful data and insights.
  9. Easy Integration with Existing Systems Advanced facility management software can be easily integrated with your existing business solutions and software, pooling all your important business data and presenting them in the best possible manner. This helps you make better facility management data analysis and take business decisions without hampering your operations and compromising on revenue.

Data-driven facilities management helps you increase operational effectiveness, control costs, minimize risks, improve accountability, and ensure compliance.

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