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Top 15 Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Facilities


By Amit Prasad on August 31, 2015

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, every enterprise and organization is looking for effective ways to reduce operational costs and increase profit margins. Energy conservation is one such brilliant step, which can help you in reducing energy bills, preventing power shortage and contributing your part in conserving the environment.

There are various ways through which you can save energy at your office and other commercial facilities. Switching off lights and computers when not in use and routine maintenance of electrical appliances are just a few of them. QuickFMS enlists top 15 energy saving tips for commercial facilities.


  1. Use natural lighting resources whenever and wherever possible
  2. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical appliances which are running unnecessarily
  3. Switch off outdoor lighting solutions during daytime
  4. Replace outdated and heavy energy consuming lights and office equipments with the latest energy saving lighting solutions and appliances. Replace all old incandescent lights with LEDs and CFLs
  5. If possible, install occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights OFF and ON depending upon the occupancy in the room.

Electrical Equipments

  1. Turn off computers, monitors, laptops, printers, UPS, copiers and other office equipment on weekends and holidays
  2. For your next computer upgrade, consider buying a new laptop as it consumes only one-tenth of the energy consumed by a computer system
  3. Use the power saving mode available on your various office electrical equipments
  4. Upgrade your old and aging office equipments with the latest energy saving equipments
  5. Turn off the power supply to your laptop charging adapter when not in use

Heating & Cooling Solutions

  1. Get your heating, cooling and exhaust system serviced at regular intervals to ensure optimal running
  2. If possible, try using fans instead of heavy cooling solutions
  3. Keep doors and windows closed to avoid loss of cool air. It is advisable to install weather strips on doors and windows to prevent air escape
  4. If your commercial facility has got an old HVAC system, get it inspected by a qualified engineer to know whether it needs any modification or upgrade to reduce energy consumption
  5. Adjust the temperature setting of your HVAC system with changing weather and climate conditions

These were top 15 energy saving tips for your office and commercial facilities. Other than these, you must educate and encourage your employees to save electricity and share new ideas for the same. Even a small step can reduce your electric bills significantly.