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How Can You End Conference Room Scheduling Conflicts This Year


By Amit Prasad on February 11, 2022

According to an Owl Labs poll, three out of four US employees returned to work at least one day every week last year. As people return to work, an old problem may resurface; the problem of “fake scarcity” of meeting spaces.

This happens when workers use a calendar system for conference room scheduling, such as Google, Outlook, or Office 365. These applications allow anybody to book a space regularly whenever they schedule a meeting, but they don’t necessarily reflect the reality of today’s hybrid workplace.

With the right conference room scheduling software customized for your company’s specific needs, you can remove major room scheduling conflicts.

Major Conflicts That Can Be Resolved Using Conference Room Scheduling Software

  • False scarcity of meeting spaces

    With the right meeting room booking software, you can easily eliminate the false scarcity of meeting spaces. Using administrative controls to mandate check-in for each reservation is one way to achieve this. After a specific time, if no one checks in, you can make the room available to be rented again.

    The meeting room scheduling software is linked with sensors to collect real-time data on room usage, allowing you to cancel bookings immediately if no activity is observed after a certain amount of time.

  • Unattended reservations

    Unattended reservations, sometimes known as “ghost” meetings, happen when someone forgets to cancel an appointment due to a change in their schedule.

    When an employee quits the organization and forgets to cancel all their previously planned reservations, these reoccurring unattended bookings occur much too frequently. The right conference room scheduling software that allows single sign-on can help onboard or off-board staff using their email addresses. This can help you manage multiple meeting spaces quite easily.

  • Double-booked rooms

    One of the major drawbacks of some meeting room booking software is that it may simultaneously allow double booking of the same meeting space.

    When you create an event in such software, you have the option to book the space for “all-day” or pick specific hours of the day. If you pick “all day,” the meeting space will still display as available to other users for specific periods of the day. However, choosing the best conference room scheduling software can easily resolve this issue.

How to Find the Right Meeting Room Scheduling Software for Your Company

It can be difficult to research and choose the best meeting room booking software for your workplace, but your life will be a lot simpler once you do.

Reach out and ask your questions when you find interesting software and look for the features you want. See the demo of the product, collect your data, and share it with other decision-makers and some of the product’s potential consumers.

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