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5 Important Facility Management Metrics You Should Be Tracking


By Amit Prasad on August 1, 2019

As a facility manager, you must be aware of the importance of tracking facility management metrics at your workplace. These metrics provide in-depth data that reflects the performance of key assets in your organization. They also help you track the number of employees present in your facility at any given time.

Tracking facility management metrics also help you understand whether your existing facility has enough space to accommodate the expanding needs, or you need to look for expansion possibilities.

Here are 5 important facility management metrics you should be tracking:

  1. Workplace Design

    The latest trend favors a more open office environment rather than cubicles, private office, and the traditional workplace layout. You need an analytical data to develop a robust workplace strategy to ensure enhanced work efficiency, boosted productivity, and better employee experience.

    By tracking this facility management metric, you can have a positive environment in your workplace that supports employee productivity and happiness.

  2. Space Utilization

    A report suggests that the global average utilization rate of office space is 63%, where only 13% of all respondents said that their employees actually utilized the workplace for more than 80% of the time.

    You must be tracking the space utilization rate to know how your employees are actually using the space and how it differs from what you think.

  3. Occupancy

    Tracking the occupancy metric doesn’t only help you know how many employees are working in your workplace at any given time, but it’ll also help you forecast the future space needs.

    A proactively monitored occupancy metric will assist you in making smart decisions about your facility.

  4. Mobility

    Flexible work arrangements such as office hoteling, activity-based working, and hot-desking are getting into the trend. It is becoming a common practice as business organizations are getting flexible with remote working.

    With mobility program becoming a feasible option these days, you need to track this facility management metric for an efficient run.

  5. Cost Per Unit/Asset

    Knowing how much you are spending on maintaining and managing each unit or asset is a must. It’ll help you know how much money, time, and resources you have invested in your facility so that you can know the cost per unit.

    With this data, you can conclude whether you need to rework on workplace layout and space utilization, or your workplace needs an update or a complete revamp to match with your business expectations and workflow needs.

With efficient tracking of facility management metrics, you can learn the essentials to improve the operations and ensure seamless business operations.

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