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Why QuickFMS Is One of the Best Facility Management Software


By Amit Prasad on November 21, 2019

The emergence of modern facility management software solutions has empowered organizations across the globe to simplify and automate their facility maintenance program with ease. Starting from asset management, space allocation, maintenance scheduling to tracking costs, facility management software looks after the needs of facility managers.

QuickFMS – Cloud-Based Facility Management Software

QuickFMS is the best facility management software that allows facility managers to effectively organize, structure, and run all elements of their business facilities and infrastructure. Being cloud-based facility management software, it allows you to have greater control over physical assets and maintenance processes. It has an advanced web-based dashboard, which gives you quick access to manage your facilities, staff, and working practices, helping you achieve seamless operations and all-round results.

QuickFMS is a one-stop solution for all your facility management needs. Mr. Sahil M., Manager – Infrastructure and Administration at Financial Services quotes, “QuickFMS has helped digitize all the Admin Needs of my organization, and now we are able to address all the employee needs effectively with reduced TAT. The support team is good and has helped to achieve the goals of the team.”

Benefits of Using QuickFMS Facility Management Software

  • Strategic Resource Planning

    QuickFMS provides an effective solution to organize inventory, administrative, and labor resources. It provides a streamlined connection between your employees working in the office and those in the field. This minimizes miscommunications and improves efficiency across all departments. It helps your facility managers to plan for maintenance needs and prepare for future needs.

  • Automated Space Utilization

    QuickFMS enables you to monitor real-time space utilization, demarcate floor-wise space usage, or layout drawings for occupancy tracking. This automates the entire workflow of your space utilization process. Mr. Ajay Prasad, Founder & CEO, quotes “As the CEO of a digital marketing company with offices in California, Oregon, and Washington, I was looking for a solution that can seamlessly integrate with my company’s space and resource management needs. QuickFMS’s cloud-based space management software helped me overcome the challenge of managing office space of all the three locations.”

  • Reduced Energy Costs

    With QuickFMS, you can have a detailed view of resource allocation and energy consumption at your facility, which will help you re-evaluate their energy performance and identify areas to cut energy wastes. This will help you save a lot on energy costs.

  • Streamlined Asset Allocation & Tracking

    From requisition to disposal, QuickFMS allows you to track the status of your facility assets. It has quick tools to assign assets to location, employees, or department to ensure better traceability.

  • Planned Maintenance of Assets

    You can ensure that all your assets at the workplace or facility stay in tip-top condition with planned preventive maintenance plans. QuickFMS facility management software allows you to plan and track maintenance schedules and view accurate asset maintenance history.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    Ms. Beth W., CFO, Director of Operations, Translation, and Localization, quotes, “QuickFMS software has created 100% transparency within our service request and complaint management system. Today, our customer satisfaction rate is up by 112%.” QuickFMS helps your business improve customer services and satisfaction levels through ticketing tasks and complaints with its Help Desk module.

QuickFMS Product Modules

QuickFMS – the best facility management software can be completely customized to fit your business or facility’s individual needs. It offers ten product modules, which can be implemented individually or as a full suite to cater to all your facility management needs.

  1. Property, Lease & Tenant Management Software
  2. Space Management Software
  3. Physical Asset Management Software
  4. Maintenance Management Software
  5. Help Desk Management Software
  6. Contract Management Software
  7. Reservation & Resource Management Software
  8. Guest House Management Software
  9. Business Card Management Software
  10. Energy Management Software

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